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Modern Documentation Methods for Conservation and Cultural Heritage - metigo® MAP Software for Documentation, Mapping and Analysis

  • Door:
    Gunnar Siedler, Fokus GmbH Leipzig
  • Datum:
    donderdag 25 mei 2023
  • Tijd:
    12:45 - 13:15
  • Locatie:
    Praktijktheater Gebouwd Erfgoed

  • The fokus GmbH Leipzig is an engineering company providing documentation services with Photogrammetry and 3D-Laserscanning in the fields of heritage conservation for architects and conservators. The presentation gives an overview of current documentation methods and evaluation possibilities for 2D/3D mapping in the software metigo MAP. 

    Based on our experience we have developed metigo MAP for the image rectification, digital mapping for conservation projects and 3-dimensional object documentation for more than 25 years. Conservators in almost any specialty can benefit from the ability to produce accurate maps of two or three-dimensional objects. Areas of damage, treatment, or sampling can be precisely described and located. 

  • Sprekers/Partners

    Gunnar Siedler

    Fokus GmbH Leipzig